Ugliest office building in Australia

Ugliest Buildings: The Pixel Building, Melbourne Australia

The Pixel Building, by Grocon, is the first Carbon Neutral office building of its type in Australia. However its cheery and colourful exterior has made a less than positive impression - the building has just been named among the world’s top 10 building eyesores by travel website and Reuters.

The Pixel Building is an office building located on the former CUB Brewery site in Melbourne. Scoring a perfect 105 points on the Australia's Green Star rating system, the office building designed by Studio505 is an amazing example of what is possible in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energy, water collection, waste reduction and green roofs. Capable of collecting all of its own water and generating all of its own energy, the funky, colorful pixelated building is totally self-sustaining.

Country: Australia


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