Ugliest museum in Berlin

Ugliest Buildings: Humboldt Box in Berlin

By Maruschka at de.wikipedia - Own work, Public Domain,

The Humboldt Box (GermanHumboldt-Box) is a futuristic museum structure on the Schloßplatz in the center of Berlin, capital of Germany. It was built as a temporary exhibition space and viewing platform for the Humboldt Forum construction project and to inform the public about its future use. The Humboldt Box is a futuristic, five-storey museum structure designed by architectural firm KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike. However it’s been branded an ‘ugly block’ with the ‘charm of a dumpster’ and ‘the most useless building in the Berlin’. The Tagesspiegel called it "an architectural monster in galactic proportions."

Country: Germany


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