Ugliest fish in the world- wolffish

Ugliest fish in the world- Atlantic wolffish

The Atlantic wolffish  also known as the seawolf, Atlantic catfish, ocean catfish, devil fish, wolf eel  woof or sea cat, is a marine fish of the wolffish family. The numbers of the Atlantic wolffish are rapidly being depleted, most likely due to overfishing and bycatch. Apart from their unique appearance wolffish are distinguished by the natural antifreeze they produce to keep their blood moving fluidly in their very cold habitat, involvement by both the male and female in brood bearing, and the large size of their eggs. The largest specimen recorded measured 1.5 m long and weighed almost 18 kg. The Atlantic wolffish's distinguishing feature, from which it gets its common name, is its extensive teeth structure. Both the lower and upper jaws are armed with four to six fang-like, strong, conical teeth. Behind the conical teeth in the upper jaw, there are three rows of crushing teeth.

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