Some of the ugliest things out there

Welcome to our humble site. On Ugliest Thing In The World our aim is to collect as many pictures from ugly things from around the globe as possible. Check out our lists of images of the ugliest animals in the world and the ugliest buildings on the planet.

We are just beginning, so our collection of ugly things is quite small for the moment, but we have ambitious plans so keep an eye out for imgaes of newly added things on the site.

Why do we do what we do? To put it simple: we believe that there is something rather beautiful about the ugly and funny things in the world. That is why we want to present them in the most beautiful way possible. We don't want to hurt anyones feelings so you will never find a list of ugly persons on this site for instance. If you have a good reason to have something removed from this site, we will do that as well.

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Random pictures of ugly things on this site

Here's a list of some random pictures of some of the ugliest things on this website.

Ugliest office building in the world; Fang Yuan Building in Shenyang, China
Ugliest fish in the world: hagfish
Ugliest deep sea fish in the world
The ugliest monkeys in the world: Tarsier monkey
Ugliest tower building in the world: Renmin Ribao building, Beijing
Ugliest apartment complex in the world: Ponte City Apartments
Ugliest hotel in the world - Pangu 7 Star Hotel Beijing
Ugliest houses in the world - Crooked House Poland
Ugliest sea mammal in the world: Elephant seal
Ugliest buildings in China - Emperor Hotel Beijing
Ugliest buildings in China - Wuliangye
Ugliest Buildings: Royal Ontario Museum
Ugliest building in the world: The Slovak Radio Building in Bratislava
Ugliest buildings in the world: Nabemba Tower
Ugliest houses - Grand Piano And Violin-Shaped House
Ugliest shoes in the world
Ugliest frog in the world: Mexican burrowing frog
Ugliest building ever - Ryugyong Hotel North Korea
Ugliest buildings ever - La lavadora
Ugliest primate in the world; Aye-aye
Ugliest Buildings: Humboldt Box in Berlin
Ugliest cat in the world: Sphynx cat
Ugliest church in the world: Christ the King in Liverpool
Ugliest antelope in the world: Saiga
Ugliest fish in the world: Whitemargin stargazer
Ugliest insect in the world: The Brazilian Treehopper
Ugliest sneakers in the world